Ali Kazmi


A trained multilingual, multifaceted and experienced, professional creative powerhouse of an Actor/Director & Producer. He was born in Karachi, Pakistan and he now lives in Toronto, Canada where he went to Film School and Drama school and started his career again from scratch. Hailing from a family of Creative juggernauts (Actors and Directors-Rahat Kazmi & Sahira Kazmi, sister Nida Kazmi and Grandfather Bollywood actor Shyam) it is inherent within him. He says “It was like growing up in a warm, fuzzy and loving film school!” He lived it, loved it, imbibed it and has put it to good use since. He has been working successfully both on and off camera, in the industry in Pakistan, India, Canada & USA for 17 years in the creative fields of theater, television & film. Working on projects from conception to completion is his strong suit. Ali has a penchant for languages and can speak English, Urdu, Hindi ,Punjabi, Persian, Pashto/Dari, French(basic) and Arabic. He has amassed a portfolio, peppered with multi-layered diverse characters. He believes that “One cannot portray life on screen if one has not lived it!” He is a marathoner, triathlete, certified scuba diver. adventurer, traveller & dreamer. He shows no signs of stopping and his journey has just begun. Forever the performer he started his career at the age of 1 and has never looked back since. He was in a national song directed by his mother, veteran director Sahira Kazmi, called “Vattan ki mitti” loosely translated “The beloved earth of my Country.” At a young age when kids want to be cowboys, doctors, engineers or astronauts, Ali always gravitated towards being an actor. He started to model, dance and Act professionally by the age of 14. Life and love brought him to Toronto, Canada and within a few short years with a lot of hard work, grit, positivity and perseverance he is now a sought after actor of stage and screen. At 1, From waving the Pakistani flag on his father’s shoulders, now a doting father himself, he can now be seen waving a gun in his latest gangster flick, acclaimed director Deepa Mehta’s upcoming “Beeba Boys.” Set to release in TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) 2015. Aside from acting and hosting he keeps his creative juices flowing, working as a Freelance Creative Consultant for Publicis, Maclaren McCan, Balmoral Communications Inc. and Focus Communications Inc. Host/Producer with Ary Digital Canada and TV One Canada. He started and heads the South Asian division as Director/Producer with China Syndrome Productions Inc. & Blue Ocean Ethnic Productions (a subsidiary of China syndrome productions inc.) and has produced & directed various successful Multicultural Projects, commercials, documentaries and videos for many reputed clients and organizations such as GM, United way, Brampton Multicultural Centre, Alzheimer’s Society of Ontario, Nissan, Clorox,Brita,Nestle-quality street, Loblaws, Bell, rogers, Western union, Campbells, Scotiabank, TD, Marineland to name a few. Twitter: @thealikazmi Facebook: Ali Kazmi Instagram: @supakazz You just have to believe!Then and only then will the magic happen! “All you need is love” – Lennon-Mcartney “They may say i’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one” -John Lennon “The World is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”- WB Yeats – Viva la film, Viva la creativity “Shakespeare said it best in ‘As you like it’: “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.” “In this life, it does not matter what part you play, as long as you play it well!” – Ali Kazmi


Movie Name Release Date
Laal Kabootar May 16, 2019