Anoop Karir


Anoop Karir was born in Kent, UK to Punjabi-Indian parents. Anoop’s formative years were shaped by growing up the third of four brothers, and a second generation British Asian in a predominantly white middle class area. His ambition and imagination were captured by the vastness of space making it perhaps natural that he should read Astronomy & Physics at university before diverting to a career in finance. Here he thrived on an environment of constant change and pressure to perform but never properly found fulfillment in his work. After over a decade in finance he made the decision to become a professional actor. He completed a course in Method Acting, which reinforced his passion for the craft and led him to signing with an agent. His first role was in Neil Simon’s play ‘Barefoot in the Park’ and he has since completed commercial and feature film roles. He retains a lifelong love of cinema with special interest in horror and crime genres and a keen interest in production and editing. He lives in London with his wife.


Movie Name Release Date
Dil Diyaan Gallan May 3, 2019