Jagjeet Sandhu


Being a child of alcoholic father my childhood desires were never fulfilled and I took the task upon my shoulders, not waiting to grow up Jagjeet Sandhu 1st Stage Performance I was born into the rustic life of a small village in the district of Fatehgarh Sahib, Himmatgarh Chhana. Acting or any other art form had eluded the modest agricultural subsistence’s of my village. A forming spark of mischief in me however, was luckily mistaken as desired behavior for the theater by school authorities. At the age of 7 a theater group in the neighboring city of Amloh enrolled me into their production company and hence began my acting career which could have well remained the misdemeanors and misadventures of a regular Punjabi village boy. While in school, I performed in numerous plays in villages for which I would receive Rs 50 each, an amount quite pleasing to my family. During college, I performed at various Youth Festivals where I was awarded with Best Actor accolades. I pursued my M.A. in Theatre from Punjab University and thereafter joined Padma Shri Neelam Mann Singh’s theater group ‘The Company Theater.’ Meanwhile, I also bagged my first Punjabi feature film ‘Rupinder Gandhi’ in which my role as Bhola struck big with audiences. My role as ‘Speed’ in my second film Qissa Panjab brought me critical acclaim as well as international recognition. Academy Award Nominee Deepa Mehta chose me to play a significant part in her film ‘The Anatomy of Violence’ which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. The journey this far has been an adventure in the exploration of the possibilities of the human mind and its bodily representations. I enjoy the cerebral study of characters as much as I enjoy the visceral. The pursuit of the required character condition is where I like to spend most of my time. I personally see truth in becoming a character as opposed to merely acting as one.


Movie Name Release Date
Rabb Da Radio 2 April 29, 2019
Dakuaan Da Munda August 10, 2018