Jagjit Singh


Jagjit Singh, raised in Punjab, India, moved to the United States at 19 years old. He began driving a semi cross-country while forging a successful career for himself in the transportation industry. On the road and the loading dock, he entertained himself by learning the various accents and mannerisms of the diverse set of folks he met. When alone, he spent time watching motion pictures, memorizing lines, and creating his own clips. Jagjit had loved acting from a young age, his passion first sparked by his role in a 7th grade theatre production, however it wasn’t until over a decade later that he made the unequivocal decision to pursue it as a profession. He enrolled in acting classes and began freelancing, often working his transportation job nights to carve out time for his acting commitments the following day. Since then, he has enjoyed the narrator role in Boku’s Mobile Payment commercial, the lead role in Delusional and supporting roles in various other independent films such as Forgive Me Father, Among the Thorns, Desiccate, and Midlife Crises. Beyond acting and modeling, Jagjit is dedicated to his workout regime and considers health and fitness non-negotiable. In his spare moments, he creates his own adventure-focused cinematography and photography. He is an astrophysics and aviation buff, adrenaline junkie, and motorcycle enthusiast.


Movie Name Release Date
Dakuaan Da Munda August 10, 2018