Steven Allen Prince


Steven Allen Prince is an artist living in New York City. He likes to work on different types of art like film, music, fashion, and painting. He grew up in Birmingham, Alabama and discovered his passion for art at the age of five, when he began pursuing theater. In addition to acting, he had a desire for singing and developed his voice in musicals. In ninth grade, he became invested in playing the piano and began taking classical lessons. Two years later, he started playing the guitar and writing his own songs. He graduated a year early from The University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Cinema Studies and minoring in both Music and English. He created CastlePrillen Productions in 2009. The name CastlePrillen comes from his grandmother’s maiden name, Castleberry, his mother’s maiden name, Prince, and his legal last name, Allen. He decided to simplify the name CastlePrillen by shortening the name to Prillen. You can follow his creative journey with Prillen by exploring his site.


Movie Name Release Date
Sanju June 29, 2018