Veer [Kartik] and Zoe [Sara], two starkly different millennials, meet at a nightclub in Delhi. While, Zoe is looking for a casual hook-up, much to her irritation, Veer is wanting something more. Their night ends on an anti-climactic note. But Veer is not the one to let go. He lands up at the co-working space Zoe works out of.

Raj [Randeep], the middle-aged owner of the co-working space, notices their uneasy chemistry. He strikes an innocuous conversation with Zoe. Over their next few meetings, he tells her his love story with his school crush, Leena, in the picturesque city of Udaipur back in the 90’s- a romance, full of small-town innocence and nostalgia. He had even left home
and moved to Delhi to be with her. It was pure textbook romance.

Zoe is entranced by Raj’s story. She begins to live it with Veer. Carefully thought out career plans take a back seat. Love blossoms. It all seems perfect.

But, is this going too fast? Is she doing the ‘right’ thing? Is she ready? This turmoil bothers her internally. She seeks advice from her go-to person, Raj.

To her surprise, Zoe discovers a side of Raj’s tale that shakes up her world. His love story wasn’t all that perfect.
“Do better than me, kid” is what Raj leaves her with.

Zoe is at a crossroad now. Should she follow her heart? Or her head?

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